Activity report 2022



Old -Age and Survivors' Insurance

Old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI) is the main pillar of the Swiss social security system. The old-age pension is intended to enable the insured person to retire from working life at the planned age and, together with the professional pension scheme, to guarantee material security during retirement. The survivors' pension is intended to prevent the death of a parent or spouse from causing undue financial hardship.

Overview 2022

OASI capital fell by 5.4% (or CHF 2.7 billion) as a result of the year's loss of CHF 2 706 million.

Revenues rose by 3.2% to CHF 1 532 million.

Expenses rose by 1.7% or CHF 780 million.

The insurance activities generated a distribution profit of CHF 1 632 million, making a positive contribution to the result. The investment activities generated a loss of CHF 4 389 million, offsetting the profit from insurance activities.

Interest from the InvI fund of CHF 51 million did not offset this loss. The overall result for the OASI Fund was therefore CHF –2 706 million.

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OASI from 1948 to 2022

Results for the year and statements of OASI capital are available from 1948 to 2022 (in CHF million). Evolution of the result over the last five years.

-2 706 2022
The figures

Performance 2022


Total result for the year

CHF –2.7 mia

Assets on the balance sheet
(in CHF billion)

2022 48 383

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