Activity report 2022


Activity report 2022

A positive allocation result

Overall, insurance-related income exceeded charges by CHF 2 066 million.

Contributions of CHF 44 220 million represent 72.1% of total income.

In 2022, the net result from investments of CHF –5 032 million offset the benefit from insurance activities and led to a negative overall result. This consequently led to a decrease of accumulated equity. The negative investment result is due to the poor market conditions. The investment result is then allocated to the three social schemes according to their respective commitments in the various asset classes.

Overview of the aggregated accounts

in CHF million

1. Revenues from insurance activities
2. Expenses from insurance activities
3. Result from insurance activities
4. Investment result
5. Administrative expenses related to investment activities
6. Result of insurance activities
7. Aggregated operating income

Useful information

The result of the insurance activities cannot be compared with the apportionment or annual results of the social insurances, as the allocation of income and expenses of the investment activity between the annual financial statements of compenswiss and those of the compensation funds OASI, InvI and LEC differ.

Balance sheet and income statement


Income statement

Result from insurance activities

2 066 496 743

Result of insurance activities

-5 032 640 700

Aggregate result for the year

-2 966 143 957

Approved accounts of the OASI, InvI and LEC

Social insurance schemes

Since 1 January 2019, compenswiss has been a federal institution under public law that jointly manages and administers the compensation funds of the OASI, InvI and LEC schemes. The aggregated accounts of compenswiss are divided between the social insurances. The latter are shown separately in order to reflect their respective activities.


Old -Age and Survivors' Insurance



Disability Insurance



Income Compensation Insurance


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