Activity report 2022




This insurance compensates for part of the loss of earnings suffered by people who perform military service, civilian service or serve in civil defence. Since 2005, it has also compensated for loss of income due to maternity (maternity allowance) and, since 2021, for loss of income due to paternity leave. It is compulsory and all persons subject to OASI/DI contribute to it.

Overview 2022

Overall, social insurance capital rose by 2.1% or CHF 33 million, reflecting an increase in the insurance reserves.

Income rose slightly by CHF 63 million or 3.1%. Expenses rose by 0.6% or CHF 11 million.

The operating result was positive at CHF 217 million, offsetting the negative share of investment performance of –CHF 184 million, to give a comprehensive result of CHF 33 million.

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LEC from 1960 to 2022

The LEC's annual results and capital statements are available from 1960 to 2022 (in CHF million). Evolution of the result over the last five years.

-11.8 142.3 183.8 231.1 33 2022
The figures

Performance 2022

–12.21 %

Total result for the year

CHF 33 millions

Assets on the balance sheet
(in CHF billion)

1 624 2022 1 591

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