Activity report 2022



Governance and responsibilities

compenswiss is responsible for managing the assets of the Old-age and Survivors' insurance (OASI), the Invalidity insurance (InvI) and the Loss of earnings compensation (LEC) schemes.

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Key fact

Post-COVID crisis

2022 was another year of learning and reflection on how to improve and simplify our work processes, make working hours more flexible, and strengthen means of communication and internal collaboration.

Our team


Overall percentage of women in management and executive positions at compenswiss. This figure remains unchanged from 2021.

The figure

Total costs "all in"

76.1 mio

Human Resources

Equal pay

compenswiss regularly evaluates its salary policy. The result of the analysis conducted in the first quarter of 2021 shows that wages are in line with the principles set out in the policy. The next analysis will be carried out in 2023. In addition, the institution requires its suppliers and service providers to guarantee equal pay in the public calls for tender issued by compenswiss.

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Governance structure up to 31.12.2022



A strategic vision

Three key principles


With the aim of continously increasing awareness and responsibility for risk management at all levels, compenswiss has developed a solid framework based on three key principles: prevention , detection and response.

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