Activity report 2022

Human resources policy

compenswiss has its own personnel ordinance approved by the Federal Council.

Our human resources policy is based on our shared values of integrity, professionalism, collaboration and commitment. It aims to:

  • contribute to the digital transformation and the development of adapted HR tools and processes
  • create favourable and attractive working conditions
  • encourage to the acquisition and development of skills
  • promote a work-life balance, harness the potential of diversity and act in a non-discriminatory manner

The staff in figures

In 2022, the overall percentage of women in management and executive positions at compenswiss remained unchanged from 2021, at 30%.

Average seniority (excluding trainees): 7.8 years
Average age (excluding trainees): 48.2 years

Post-COVID crisis

2022 was another year of learning and reflection on how to improve and simplify our work processes, make working hours more flexible and strengthen means of communication and internal collaboration. 

In 2023, we face major challenges: adapting to information technology changes, integrating new ways of working together, maintaining and supporting cohesion, and keeping our corporate culture and values alive in our new ways of working.

Flexible working hours

In order to achieve a better work-life balance, compenswiss supports and encourages part-time work. In principle, teleworking is also granted to part-time employees, but a minimum number of attendance days must be guaranteed.

Equal pay

By signing the Charter on equal pay in state-related organisations, the Executive Committee of compenswiss underlined its commitment to gender equality.

"Signature of the Charter on equal pay in state-related organisations."

compenswiss regularly evaluates its salary policy. The result of the analysis conducted in the first quarter of 2021 shows that wages are in line with the principles set out in this policy. The next analysis will be carried out in 2023. In addition, the institution requires its suppliers and service providers to guarantee equal pay in the public calls for tender issued by compenswiss.

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