Activity report 2022



Disability Insurance

As is the case with Old-age and survivors' insurance (AVS), disability insurance (AI) is a compulsory insurance. It aims to guarantee the means of subsistence for insured persons who have become disabled, either through benefits in kind (rehabilitation measures) or cash benefits (pensions or allowances).

Overview 2022

Social insurance capital decreased by 4.9% or CHF 294 million. No debt repayment was possible.

Insurance-related income rose by CHF 370 million or 3.9%.

Total expenses from insurance activities fell by CHF 117 million or 1.2%.

The previous year's annual loss was thus transformed into a slight profit for the insurance activity. The share of investments was negative at CHF 415 million, producing an operating result of –CHF 293 million.

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InvI from 1960 to 2022

Results for the year and statements of InvI capital are available from 1960 to 2022 (in CHF million). Evolution of the result over the last five years.

-293 -236.8 24.1 -267.1 -207.3 2022
The figures

Performance 2022


Total result for the year

CHF –11.24 million

Assets on the balance sheet
(in CHF billion)

4 059 4 353 2022

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