Activity report 2022


In brief

Market situation

The year 2022 was marked by a chain of events that had a significant impact on financial markets.

The post Covid reopening of the global economy created a strong recovery in demand, which in turn led to a return of inflation. The latter was exacerbated by global supply difficulties, particularly for products from China.

The outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine led to a major energy crisis related to Russia's position as the world's second largest producer of crude oil, and the main exporter to Europe. Energy and commodity prices were pushed to record levels further intensifying the inflationary pressures.

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Strategic allocation

The investment policy for the compensation funds must guarantee the solvency of the three social insurance schemes (OASI, InvI, LEC) at all times. To this end, the governing and executive bodies of compenswiss have set the target of a real return, i.e. above the rate of inflation and in line with market conditions.

Risk management programmes

As investments are broadly diversified across asset classes, segments and markets, risk is managed centrally through hedging and risk control programmes using derivative instruments. This significantly reduces transaction costs and allows risks to be controlled and monitored on a consolidated basis.

Useful information

compenswiss not only assumes its responsibility as an investor, by exercising its social rights, but also makes, since 2001, part of its investments in accordance with specific sustainability criteria.

Detailed investment performance

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